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Everyone has fingers and nails of different lengths and shapes

Nails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and everyone has fingers and nails of different lengths and shapes. Some have long, slim fingers while others have short fingers with short nail beds and every combination in between. No worries! Our good nail techs know how to complement a client’s natural features, and the foundation of this is choosing a nail shape that makes the most of, and enhances, the client’s natural nail and finger. We make sure we guide all our clients and advise them to the most flattering nail shape.

When you desire a sharp shape, look no further than stiletto nails — famous for their long, piercing points. Stiletto shape is typically done with long extensions; And if you’re worried about your natural nails or acrylics breaking, take the less committed route and test out press-on options. A fun way to highlight stiletto nails are with technicolor tips, bold nail art, or neon splashes.

Women who wear long nails don’t shy away from new opportunities and are always coming up with new ideas for their nails time after time. They enjoy creativity. Some women prefer wearing their nails really long. We can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t do that too. The best part about having long nails is having so much more room to play with color.

If you have decided to wear coffin nails, then now it is the right time to pick a sophisticated and elegant color that will make everybody stare at your nails. The shape of the nail popularly known as coffin shape is not new to all of us. It’s popular mainly because it looks elegant and goes well with almost anything you wear on your hands especially during occasions where you have to dress formally.

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