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Expert advice on how to grow out your nail

1. Use Cuticle Oil

A healthy cuticle barrier is essential to optimize nail growth. This is because the new in-growing nail is developing right under the skin behind the cuticle. For this reason, the dermatologist recommends avoiding cutting the cuticle, whether it's with liquid cuticle remover or a pair of clippers.


2. Switch to an Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

While acetone-based removers may be quicker at taking nail polish off, they can dehydrate the nail plate and the surrounding skin – including the cuticle. Acetone containing polish remover is very dehydrating and drying out the nail and prolonged soaks can lead to brittleness, breakage and therefore slow growth


3. Swap Out Your Emery Board

The tools you're using to groom your nails may also compromise growth. Cardboard emery boards can "create microscopic openings at the tip of the nail that lead to splits, breakage and ultimately poor growth." The dermatologist recommends using a glass nail file because it creates a clean edge on the nail. Plus, they'll last a lot longer.


4. Don't Go Completely Bare

If you're taking a break from acrylics or gel manicures in an effort to improve nail health, don't leave them completely bare. Sports that are rough on your hands, like rock climbing and volleyball, are high-risk activities for nail breakage. Don't go bare. I know it may seem right to 'let your nails breathe,' but we can assure you that they don't have lungs and that your nails will grow stronger with a coating than without.


5. Get Moving

It doesn't seem like physical activity and nail growth would have a connection, but the truth is that regular cardio, even if it's a daily walk, will help with circulation and in turn, your nail health. Consistent cardiovascular exercise will benefit not just your heart but your nails too. This is because it will improve circulation, and thus, deliver nutrients and oxygen to your nails.

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